Power BI Learning Path

PowerBI Learning Path

Authors: @Jimmy_Han, @Jacob_Dutton, @James_Gerstner

Microsoft’s Power BI is a business analytics tool that helps users turn raw data into visually appealing and understandable information. It is popular for building interactive reports and dashboards, facilitating a straightforward analysis and interpretation of insights to help users make well-informed decisions.

We have put together outside resources and intro challenges to help you learn some of the basic skills to be able to complete the Power BI challenges we have here on TechHub.

How This Page Works
The purpose of this Learning Path is to train you to a level sufficient to begin solving the beginner-level challenges on the TechHub website.

  • First, follow the instructions under Technology Access to download Power BI, which you will use for these challenges.
  • Then, take some time to look through the resources provided under Background Learning. These modules will teach you some basic skills you’ll use for these challenges.
  • Next, work through the Intro Challenges section by following the provided links in the three categories below (ETL, DAX, and Data Visualizations).

After completing these steps, you’ll be ready to tackle the Challenges found on the TechHub website! We’ve listed some recommendations below. If you need help along the way, refer to the Background Learning section or even search online—there are lots of great resources available for free. Good luck!

Background Learning
Click here to download Power BI from Microsoft. Here are some resources from Microsoft to help you learn how to use Power BI:

Here are some resources from YouTube for beginners:

Intro Dataset
You’ve just landed the role of Financial Analyst at Peak Cycles, a bustling bike shop known for its quality and variety. Due to your tenacity and the business’s needs, you will be asked to perform data analytics tasks based on a simple database comprised of a few related data tables.

Extract, Transform, and Load Data (ETL)
  • Data cleaning (power query): Intro to data cleaning in Power Query and uploading data into Power BI. Learn how to upload Excel files into Power BI, and use basic text cleaning functions like remove, split, and assign correct data types. After making these adjustments in the Query Editor, the cleaned data is loaded into the Power BI data model for analysis.
  • Relationships: Table relationships in Power BI link tables through defined connections, using primary and foreign key columns. In this challenge, you will learn the basics of relationships in Power BI.
Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)

Use DAX to create calculated columns and measures to add to visuals in Power BI.

  • Columns: You can create calculated columns in the Query Editor. These columns become part of the data model, and you use the Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) language formulas to derive values.
  • Measures (DAX): In Power BI Desktop, you create measures using the DAX language. Measures are custom calculations you can create and edit in Power BI, using DAX. After defining measures with DAX formulas, they will automatically adjust based on changes in the underlying data. They are flexible for creating business metrics and KPIs.
Data Visualizations
  • Charts: Learn about how to make a chart and practice on a couple of common and visually striking data visualizations. These principles can be used for any chart.
  • Dashboard Design: Master the art of designing effective dashboards that convey a story or highlight key performance indicators (KPIs) succinctly.

TechHub Challenges

Beginner Challenges

10|Budget Blitz
20|Forbes Billionaires
22|Marketing (Luka) Magic
106|Banks Blowing Up
126|Visualizing Volume

Intermediate Challenges

4|Wheelz Sales Visualizations
24|GDP Deep Dive
132|Tax Road Trips

Additional Learning


Feeling confident in your Power BI skills? Check out Microsoft’s official certification:

Additional Practice

Once you are comfortable with the skills above, check out all the other Power BI challenges on Techhub.training. Additionally, here are some great weekly challenges from Workout Wednesday: Power BI Weekly Challenges