150|POWERBI – Peaks Cycles, Dashboard

BYU Student Author: @Jimmy_Han
Reviewers: @Jacob_Dutton, @James_Gerstner
Estimated Time to Solve: 15 Minutes

This is an intro challenge that is part of the Power BI Learning Path.

We provide the solution to this challenge using:

  • Power BI

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You’ve recently been hired as a Financial Analyst at Peak Cycles, a renowned bike shop celebrated for its exceptional quality and extensive selection. Your manager, aiming to delve deeper into the shop’s operational performance, tasks you with creating a comprehensive dashboard in Power BI. This dashboard is to showcase a variety of visualizations including sales revenue by state, monthly sales trends, the top 7 bikes by total gross margin, and the top 7 bikes by quantity sold, enhancing the analytical depth of the business insights. To ensure a user-friendly experience, a slicer has been added, allowing users to filter the data based on “bike type”. Additionally, the dashboard is equipped with a Q&A feature, a tool where users can input brief questions, prompting the AI to generate the requested data automatically. This innovative approach aims not only to impress your manager but also to provide a dynamic tool for analyzing and understanding the shop’s business performance at a glance.

The visuals mentioned above are already made. Now, be creative and make a dashboard by rearranging and redesigning it. You can add your own visuals, too.


  1. Open “Peaks_Cycles_Premade_Visuals.pbix” file that is attached to this challenge.
  2. Create a title by inserting a textbox on the top of the dashboard. Add some design to it if you desire.
    • Click on the “Insert” in the ribbon on the top.
    • Click on “Text box”
    • Type in the title in the text box
    • While working on the text box, you should see a new pane titled ‘Format text box’ appear on either the left or right side of your Power BI interface. Use this pane to change the title’s color, design, or font as desired
  3. Visuals are placed in unorganized manner. Make sure to rearrange them so that they look clean and neat.
  4. Save your Power BI file as pbix.

Data Files

Suggestions and Hints
  • Since this is an open-ended challenge, there isn’t a single answer. To enhance the look of the dashboard, maybe consider putting data labels to charts, adding borders, changing font, resizing the chart, etc.
  • Slicers are usually not located center of the dashboard. I recommend you to place it on the top, bottom, left, or right side of the canvas.


Peaks_Dashboard_Solution_JamesGerstner.pbix (109.2 KB)

Awesome challenge, Jimmy! This was a great learning experience for how to utilize some of Power BI’s dashboard capabilities. It’s really cool how Power BI has interactive dashboards so you can see multiple visualizations changing simultaneously.

Great challenge to be able to learn more about some of the design elements of Power BI. I feel like I am pretty good at the technical side of Power BI, but am lacking when it comes to making visually appealing pages, and this was a great challenge to work on that.