132|ALTERYX&POWERBI – Tax Road Trips

BYU Student Author: @Marco
Reviewers: @Boston, @DylanKing
Estimated Time to Solve: 45 Minutes

We provide the solution to this challenge using:

  • Alteryx
  • Power BI

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You’re an accountant with their own tax practice who has been popular with many married high-income individuals. To keep your clients happy and have a fun time, you always drive yourself to the client’s house/location. Thankfully, they always treat you right and you enjoy the road trips. At the end of each year, you like to keep the data from all the clients you’ve had in the year to analyze and map out. Let’s get started!


  • Make a map with all 100 clients as points and add a line to connect each of them to your office.
  • Measure the distance in miles from your office to each individual client.
  • Calculate your mileage deduction ($0.63 for every mile), the child tax credit ($2000 per child) and income tax for every client (refer to table above).
  • Calculate your total mileage deduction for the year and add a $ to your total.
  • Have every column be the correct data type and all numeric values rounded to 2 decimal points.
  • Output your data onto an excel sheet and import it to Power BI

Power BI:

  • Make a map that shows the location of every client.
  • Format the color of the bubbles to be red if < 100,000 and green if >= 600,000.
  • Have a couple of filters with your choice of data and a visual to show the data for each client (these go with the map).
  • Add a new page with a visual that shows income by direction and another for # of clients by direction.

Data Files

Suggestions and Hints
  • Take a look at the spatial tools