SQL Learning Path

Authors: @Sterling_Lane, @Marta_Ellsworth, @Andrew_Wilson

Welcome to SQL! SQL stands for Structured Query Language. It’s a standardized programming language specifically designed for managing and manipulating relational databases. SQL enables you to perform various operations on data stored in a database, such as querying, updating, inserting, and deleting data. It also allows for the creation and modification of database structures, such as tables, and can be used to control access to the data. Throughout this learning path we will be focusing on using Microsoft Access. Although SQL can be written in many different programs, Access is widely available and the language transfers over to the other programs.

How This Page Works
The purpose of this Learning Path is to train you to a level sufficient to begin solving the beginner-level challenges on the TechHub website.

  • First, follow the instructions under Information about Software to download Microsoft Access, which you will use for these challenges.
  • Then, take some time to look through the resources provided under Background Learning. These modules will teach you some basic skills you’ll use for these challenges.
  • Next, work through the Intro Challenges section by following the provided links in the categories below.

After completing these steps, you’ll be ready to tackle the Challenges found on the TechHub website! We’ve listed some recommendations below. If you need help along the way, refer to the Background Learning section or even search online—there are lots of great resources available for free. Good luck!

Background Learning
If you do not have already, click here to download Microsoft Access. Microsoft Access will often be included in the Microsoft Office Suite package, so consider checking your computer to see if it is already installed. Additionally, you will need a Microsoft account to use Microsoft Access.

A basic introduction to SQL can be found here.
Other resources include the following articles and videos:

Intro Challenges
Once you complete these intro challenges, you will be ready to try the beginner challenges on TechHub. If you need help with the challenges most of the information can be found in the background learning resources.

Basic Data Presentation
Joining Data
Unioning Data
Filtering and Ordering data
Aggregating Data
Filtering Aggregated Data

TechHub Challenges

Beginner Challenges

69|SQL– Bike Shop Shipping Delays
166|SQL – The Guild of Gold
168|SQL – Trading Card Treasure Trove
169|SQL – Workforce Wisdom
173|SQL – Shelter Shenanigans

Intermediate Challenges

28|SQL – Big Money Budget
170|SQL – Booking Barney’s Bulk Books Buyers
171|SQL – Shelter Shenanigans Sequel
172|SQL – Skyline Subquery Sweepstakes

Additional Learning


Specific certifications vary based on the program you are wanting to be certified in (e.g., MySQL, Azure Data Studio, SQL Server, etc.).

We recommend various LinkedIn Learning courses that are available if you’d like to learn more.

More Resources

Learn the basics of writing SQL code interactively using SQLBolt.

Learn beginner, intermediate, and advanced SQL code writing interactively using DataLemur.