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Authors: @Sterling_Lane, @Marta_Ellsworth, @Andrew_Wilson

Welcome to Alteryx! Alteryx is a data analytics and visualization tool that enables users to prepare, blend, and analyze data from various sources without requiring extensive coding knowledge. Alteryx enables the common user to analyze data in new and robust ways that enhance the amount and type of information you gather.

How This Page Works
The purpose of this Learning Path is to train you to a level sufficient to begin solving the beginner-level challenges on the TechHub website.

  • First, follow the instructions under Technology Access to download Alteryx, which you will use for these challenges.
  • Then, take some time to look through the resources provided under Background Learning. These modules will teach you some basic skills you’ll use for these challenges.
  • Next, work through the Intro Challenges section by following the provided links in the categories below.

After completing these steps, you’ll be ready to tackle the Challenges found on the TechHub website! We’ve listed some recommendations below. If you need help along the way, refer to the Background Learning section or even search online—there are lots of great resources available for free. Good luck!

Background Learning
If you do not have already, click here to download Alteryx. If you have never used Alteryx before, we recommend you start by going to the Getting Started portion of Alteryx’s Getting Started Learning Path.This will explain the basic functions, user interactions and terminology that will be used in further training. You will need to create an Alteryx account or sign-in to your existing account to access the learning path.

Regex, short for regular expression, is a sequence of characters that defines a search pattern, used mainly for string matching within text. Alteryx’s Regex tools set itself apart from other software, so we recommend a basic understanding of these concepts before solving the Regex challenges. If you need help learning Regex, this site walks through the basics of Regex annotation.

Intro Challenges
These challenges are all based on Simple Screenprinting, a screen printing and embroidery company, and go through some of the most important basic tools in Alteryx. Once you complete these intro challenges, you will be ready to try the beginner challenges on TechHub. If you need help with the challenges most of the information can be found in the background learning resources.

Data Preparation and Cleansing
  • Resources external to
    • Alteryx → Learn → Academy → Learning Paths → Getting Started Learning Path → Data Preparation
  • challenge for this topic: 151|ALTERYX – Shipping for Samuel
Combining Data
  • Resources external to
    • Alteryx → Learn → Academy → Learning Paths → Getting Started Learning Path → Combining and Cleansing Data → Blending Data - Joining Data
  • challenge for this topic: 143|ALTERYX – Corporate Audit Preparation
Formula Tool
  • Resources external to
    • Alteryx → Learn → Academy → Learning Paths → Getting Started Learning Path → Core Topics → Functions - Expressions
  • challenge for this topic: 160|ALTERYX – The Formula to Success
Summarize Tool
Data Transformation
  • Resources external to
    • Alteryx → Learn → Academy → Learning Paths → Getting Started Learning Path → Core Topics
    • We recommend learning the basics of regex structure. If you need help learning regex, this site walks through the basics of regex coding.
  • challenge for this topic: 159|ALTERYX – Parsing Patterns with Regex

Techhub Challenges

Beginner Challenges

2|ALTERYX – Little Chicken: Join, Formula, Summarize
7|ALTERYX – Goliath Cleaning: Join, Sample, Summarize, Text to Column
12|ALTERYX – New Management, New Focus: Filter, Sample, Summarize
34|ALTERYX – Audit Attention: Filter, Formula, Join, Summarize
71|ALTERYX – Derek’s Debacle: Filter, Formula, Join

Intermediate Challenges

52|ALTERYX – Balance Sheet Boost: Data Cleansing
95|ALTERYX – Boston’s Big Budget Bash: Append, Text Input, Union
108|ALTERYX – Stock it Up: Date/Time, Formula, Summarize
115|ALTERYX– Logical Functions for Car Buying: Logical Formulas
136|ALTERYX – To Spend or Not to Spend: Combination of Simple Tools

Additional Learning


Alteryx offers certifications that can be found here. After completing the intro challenges posted above, you should be ready to take the “Alteryx Micro-Credential” certification exam. To continue prepping for the Alteryx Designer Core certification, you should consider completing the remaining videos in the Getting Started Learning Path and continue practicing using the challenges on TechHub.Training.

More Resources

Now that you completed the intro challenges, we recommend that you try some of the challenges listed within, explore other challenges you find interesting, or look into the additional resources. Additionally, Alteryx provides its own Weekly Challenges that you can complete.