169|SQL – Workforce Wisdom

BYU Student Author: @Andrew_Wilson
Reviewers: @Marta_Ellsworth, @Jimmy_Han
Estimated Time to Solve: 30 Minutes

We provide the solution to this challenge using:

  • SQL

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Congratulations!!! You just got hired as the payroll specialist at Employers Inc. Employers Inc is a new company and we just hired 100 new employees. When they were hired, we collected the following information about their previous jobs:

  1. Average Hours Worked per week
  2. Position at the company
  3. Department they worked in
  4. Previous Hourly Wage

One of your first tasks is to analyze the data collected and check for any discrepancies. Here at Employers Inc we care about our employees and their lifestyle. We try very hard to pay a competitive wage and make sure our employees are working a reasonable number of hours per week. I need you to generate some reports about our new employees and their working history.

Download the database and creaet the following queries:

Query 1: How many of our employees, based on position and department, were working 55 or more hours per week based on average hours per week? Your headers should be as following:

Query 2: How many Department chairs were being paid less than $40.00/ hour? Your headers should be as following:

Data Files

Suggestions and Hints
  • 55 or more suggests you should use >=