43|TABLEAU – Billionaire Chart Chase

BYU Student Author: @Donovon
Reviewers: @Alex_Garrett @MitchFrei @Hyrum
Estimated Time to Solve: 15 Minutes

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You’ve always dreamed of becoming a billionaire. You’ve read countless books and articles about the habits and traits of successful people, but you’re still struggling to find your way to the top of the top. That’s where this week’s challenge comes in. By analyzing Forbes’ list of billionaires, you’ll gain valuable insights into what it takes to become a billionaire. You’ll learn about the age at which billionaires tend to achieve their success, the countries that are home to the most billionaires, and the industries that produce the most billionaires. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be better equipped to chart your own path to success.

You recently overheard some classmates talking about Tableau and figured this might be a good way to visualize your findings. Make use of it as you follow the instructions to this challenge. Good luck with the exercise, and don’t forget to have fun!


  1. Download the spreadsheet, which contains information for each of the billionaires on Forbes’ list. Load it into Tableau.
  2. Take a few minutes to study the Forbes Billionaire sheet to see the information available to you.
  3. Create an Age Ranges sheet. Create a bar chart showing the number of billionaires by age. Create groupings for each five-year range.
  4. Create a Wealthiest Nations sheet. Create a bar chart showing the sum of net worth by country. Filter the data to only show the top ten countries and sort it to have the largest on the left. Add data labels to the top of each bar.
  5. Create a Percent Industries sheet. Create a pie chart showing the sum of net worth associated with each industry. Add data labels for each slice and format them as percentages of the whole. Also add industry labels to each slice.
  6. Create a First Letter sheet. On this one you can let your creativity shine! Add a new calculated field to the data that contains only the first letter of the associated name. Use this new field to design a compelling visualization showing the most fortuitous first letter. Do you need to change your name?

Data Files

Suggestions and Hints
  • You might need to create a calculated field in order to make the age ranges.
  • Use a set to select the top ten countries by sum of networth.
  • Use a quick table calculation to show the industry networth as a percentage.


Not sure how to upload my tableau workbook, but this was a fun challenge! Here are some screenshots of my solutions. My name starts with A… so I think there’s a pretty good chance I’ll end up a millionaire :wink:

Here’s my challenge!
Challenge43_Billionaire_Chart_FaithCall.xlsx (320.1 KB)

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