126|TABLEAU – Visualizing Volume

BYU Student Author: @Donovon
Reviewers: @MitchFrei @Brett_Lowe @Alex_Garrett
Estimated Time to Solve: 15 Minutes

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You have just started an internship as a stockbroker at your dream company. The pressure is on to learn quickly and provide value so you can secure a full-time offer at the end of the summer. You’ve just finished orientation and your new manager has asked you to spend the rest of the day getting familiar with some of the tools you’ll be using over the next couple of months. She told you that she’d be impressed if you could create a chart in Tableau showing the companies with the highest total trading volume in 2016. She says you can format this chart however you’d like as long as it’s easy to understand. As one final note, your manager mentions that using packed bubbles might be appropriate for the dataset.

Make sure you take time to understand the format of the data before you attempt to create the chart. Read the instructions carefully and you’ll be sure to make an impression!


  1. Download the data and load it into Tableau.
  2. Start by inserting the name and volume measures into the chart. Use the Show Me tool to find a chart type that you think is clear and helpful.
  3. Use the size, name, and color options to make it clear which companies had the highest volume.
  4. Add the date measure to the filter box and make sure that only the year 2016 is selected.
  5. Don’t forget to name your sheet!

Data Files


I had a great time getting more comfortable with Tableau through this challenge! I fiddled around with the colors and formats, settling on a treemap instead of the recommended packed bubbles format.
Because there were so many stocks, I filtered for only those which had traded more than 3 billion times, which made the data much easier to read.
Additionally, I created a CSV for stock tickers on the NYSE and NASDAQ and imported it to Tableau to allow the company names to be seen alongside the ticker and volume. I’ve attached that CSV below.

I really enjoyed this challenge, thanks Donovon!

TickerName.csv (254.5 KB)

This prompt was an excellent learning experience for someone who his fairly new to Tableau. I really enjoyed discovering all the available tools Tableau provides for those looking to make neat, clear, and organized displays of their data. I went with a packed bubble chart based on the suggestion from the manager in the scenario provided.

Time to complete: 10 minutes
Rating: Beginner
This is a good exercise for someone who is learning how to use Tableau. I liked the clear prompt. I used packed bubbles per the manager’s request and used size and color to indicate volume. I added the names as part of the detail. I filtered where it only shows 2016 to match the prompt, but I created some filterability such as adding a top N filter that would allow the manager to limit the results to a number of their choosing. I felt that it was a little overwhelming with all of the bubbles, so the Top N filter helps control that.