71|ALTERYX – Derek’s Debacle

BYU Student Author: @Brett_Lowe
Reviewers: @MitchFrei, @Spencer, @Mike_Paulsin
Estimated Time to Solve: 10 Minutes

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Your 16-year-old son, Derek, just burst into your office and let you know that his driver’s license came in the mail today. He’s been saving up for a car since age 9, and now that he can legally drive, he’s ready to make the big purchase. Knowing that you are financially savvy and will take his wellbeing into consideration, Derek begs you to help him find the right car.

He tells you that he can afford a $21,000 car, but he hasn’t taken any extra fees into consideration. You’ll need to be mindful of taxes, registration costs, insurance premiums, etc. when forming your opinion. You also know from experience that Derek is a terrible driver, so you plan to prioritize safety ratings. Lastly, Derek is notorious for changing his mind, so it’s possible that he may want a different car a year from now. You’ll want to confirm that the resale value after one year is at least $12,000.


  1. Download each of the relevant files.
  2. Join each of the individual files.
  3. Create a new column called “Total_cost” that represents the sum of the cost of the car and any additional fees. Filter out any cars with a total cost greater than $21,000.
  4. Filter out any cars with a safety rating less than or equal to 4.5.
  5. Filter out any cars with a resale value less than $12,000.
  6. Using the Browse tool, show Derek the car of his dreams.

Data Files


Here is my solution! This is a great challenge to see how we can use alteryx with help in daily life problems.



TechHub1.yxmd (13.4 KB)

TechHub3.yxmd (12.5 KB)

Thanks for the great Alteryx practice!


This was my solution:

TechHub Nov1.yxmd (36.8 KB)

techhub3.yxmd (16.5 KB)
so fun

My solution. Hopefully the attachment worked.

New Workflow1.yxmd (40.5 KB)

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DerekCarProblem.yxmd (13.9 KB)

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I was able to complete this challenge completely by myself! It was awesome to see my skills be put to use. While my answer is not the most straight forward way of doing this, I was happy to see that my logic was correct! Here is my solution including the attachment.

TechHubPractice2.yxmd (17.4 KB)


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DerekDebacle(407).yxmd (11.9 KB)

Fun assignment! I learned a lot. This Lincoln will be a great car for him!

This was a great and simple challenge!

TechHub3.yxmd (12.7 KB)


Heres My solution! Fun problem!


I originally solved it using a lot more tools, but I appreciated seeing everyone’s solutions and learning how to tidy mine up as I compared.

Derek’s Debacle.yxmd (13.4 KB)

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Here is my solution