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I think the site has a lot of cool attributes already! What I have to say may not be relevant depending on how this site is meant to be run. The two main ways I can see improvement are (1) format and (2) structure of challenges.
(1) I think the format of the site would be improved if there was an obvious homepage that linked to everything. The page I automatically go to is the “all categories” page. It would be easier to navigate if there was a “home” page that served the purpose of presenting all the website had to offer in a nice way. I also think changing the background color a bit would help give a more professional feel.
(2) I think the challenges could be a little more guided. Right now it seems to be just “accomplish this task” in a comment. While I think that does promote creativity, if we are targeting people who are new to excel or any program we are trying to challenge, we should give more guidance. Maybe links to formulas to use or ideas on how to start out. We could even give it a hint structure, where the guidance is hidden until the user clicks on a “give me a hint” button.
These are just my two suggestions after a brief review of the site. Again, it all depends on the direction this site is meant to be going.

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The Challenge 41 Excel file includes the solution in column M. You should probably delete that to not spoil the challenge.