94|ALTERYX – Expanding Chicken

BYU Student Author: @Jae
Reviewers: @TylerBooth, @DylanKing, @Brett_Lowe
Estimated Time to Solve: 20 Minutes

We provide the solution to this challenge using:

  • Alteryx

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This challenge is correlated with Challenge 2|ALTERYX – Little Chicken and Challenge 55|ALTERYX – Delivery Chicken.

Little Chicken is a local fried chicken stand located in Georgetown, Kentucky. The business is succeeding, and Tom is looking to expand to other locations around Kentucky. After speaking with an agent, Tom has 15 potential locations to choose from. Tom has asked you to help him figure out which stores to consider renting. Tom believes that wherever the new stores are they will be successful. For this reason, Tom is only interested in stores within a 55-mile radius from his stand in Georgetown.

Tom has provided you with the data given to him from the agent. Little Chicken in Georgetown is located at the coordinates: 38.221379680870726, -84.5414808515602

Using the datafile, create a map (Browse View) with the 5 closest potential stores to Little Chicken. In the final output data table, include the following:

  • Location of each store (location code, address, etc.)
  • Location points on the map (including the Georgetown stand), and
  • Distance in miles (Georgetown – Potential Store Location)

Data Files

Suggestions and Hints
  • Adding Browse tools throughout your workflow can help you track progress
    • Be sure to select a base map for a better visual
  • The Alteryx help section is a good resource to learn spatial tools


restaurant.yxmd (13.1 KB)

Here’s my solution. It was fun to learn about spatial tools.


TechHub94Alteryx.yxmd (13.1 KB)

I got stuck at the Georgetown part and the video wasn’t super helpful there, but overall I liked this scenario and think it’s practical and fun!


Expanded Chicken.yxmd (1.6 KB)

It was cool to learn how to use the create points, find nearest, and trade area tools under the spatial category. I feel that this was challenging but not too hard that it was impossible. Using those tools made it easier!

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Here is my work flow. I really loved learning about the new tools that deal with spacial problems

Kentucky chicken.yxmd (16.6 KB)

I had some trouble getting the points to show up on my map, but overall I enjoyed this challenge. Learning to use new tools was a nice challenge!

I enjoyed working with the spatial tools in this challenge. I was unfamiliar with these tools before.

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This was a great challenge to see how to use alteryx with location based questions.

TechHub94.yxmd (17.7 KB)

Thank you so much for this challenge! It was difficult at first figuring out how the map tools work, but I am amazed with the power of Alteryx!

Great Challenge! It was fun to learn about new tools.
Expanding Chicken.yxmd (15.9 KB)

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Great Challenge!

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ChickenExpandedAlyssaSorensen.yxmd (14.1 KB)
This was a really cool challenge! I really liked learning how to use the new tools in Alteryx!

map.yxmd (32.6 KB)

Very cool challenge!

This one was hard for me. I couldn’t figure out some of the tools for a while. Crazy what alteryx can do, though.

ExpandingChicken.yxmd (16.1 KB)

I appreciated learning about spatial tools!

AlteryxChallenge94.yxmd (12.2 KB)
It was interesting working with spatial data. It wasn’t as complicated as I thought it would be.

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Cool challenge with the location tools.

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FunStuff.yxmd (17.8 KB)

This challenge proved to be difficult as I hadn’t used Spatial tools before. Now I have new tools: “Create Points,” “Trade Area,” and “Find Nearest” under my belt.

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TechHub 4.yxmd (15.2 KB)
Video was not super helpful but this was my answer!