55|ALTERYX – Delivery Chicken

BYU Student Author: @Jae
Reviewers: @IWillyerd, @Hyrum
Estimated Time to Solve: 60 Minutes

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This challenge is related to Challenge 2|ALTERYX – Little Chicken, considering doing that case if you like this one.

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Little Chicken is a local fried chicken store located in Georgetown, Kentucky. The owner, your friend Tom, has successfully expanded his business, opening 5 other stores and converting his original stand into a brick-and-mortar restaurant.

This year, Tom started a delivery service from his various stores. He found that his employees enjoyed the opportunity to deliver to customers because of the additional wages in the form of tips. Tom also reimburses his drivers with a gas compensation, but after the first quarter of the year, he is concerned about how much he is reimbursing the employees at each store.

In order to lower costs, and make it fair to all of his employees, Tom established trade areas (10 mile-radius boundaries around each store) and made the following company-wide rules about delivering chicken orders:

  • Employees must deliver only to those customers within a 10-mile radius of their store
    • An exception is the Danville store, which, being located further from the other stores allows for a 20-mile radius
  • Danville employees cannot deliver in the Danville-Richmond mutual zone (overlap of trade areas)
  • Deliveries made within other mutual zones should be evenly distributed between both stores, and
  • All deliveries outside of a store’s respective trade area should be made by the closest geographical store

Feeling something fowl is going on, Tom has asked you to look into the deliveries being made and report back on your findings, specifically highlighting those deliveries that fall outside of the rules Tom has set. He has provided a sample of deliveries made within the last quarter.

Using the datasets containing the sample of deliveries and store locations, create the following reports (pdf files) for Tom:

  1. A general report of each store’s deliveries on a map
    • Each map should feature the deliveries of only one store
    • Include the trade areas of all stores on each map
  2. A summary of gas compensation for total, ambiguous, and problem deliveries
    • Tom follows the 2022 IRS mileage rates of 58.5 cents per mile for compensation
    • Tom compensates both the distance travelled to deliver the order to the customer, and the distance to return back to the store
    • The summary table should follow the following output:
      • ‘Deliveries’ are the total number of deliveries for the respective section
      • ‘Compensation’ is the dollar value of the gas compensation for the respective section
    • Ambiguous deliveries are deliveries outside of a store’s trade area boundary
    • Problem deliveries are deliveries on aggregate that are concerning or in violation of Tom’s rules
  3. Maps of any ambiguous or problem deliveries
    • These maps should be combined onto the same report as instruction 2 (gas compensation)
      • Do not worry about the individual deliveries, Tom is concerned more about what the stores are doing as a whole (on aggregate) in where they are delivering

Bonus Question
If Tom wanted to open another store in the area, where would you suggest he build it?

Data Files

Suggestions and Hints
  • Some of 3. may need to be completed in order to complete the table in 2.
  • Create spatial objects for both the deliveries and the store locations
  • Adding Browse tools throughout your workflow can help you track progress
  • Be sure to select a base map for a better visual
  • The Alteryx help section is a good resource to learn spatial tools
  • Be creative, use styles and labels on your reports to make them visually appealing


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Solution Video: Challenge 55|ALTERYX – Delivery Chicken

This was a really fun challenge actually. Took me a bit longer than the 60 minutes, but I didn’t mind because it was great practice using the spatial tools in Alteryx. I’ve always struggled with those, but I feel much more confident with them now after doing this. Part 3 was particularly tricky - I had to reference your solution file often. However, I got there and feel a lot of satisfaction having solved it. As for your bonus question it would make sense for Tom to open operation in Paris as there were a lot of deliveries in that area that exist outside of the 10 mile radius of any other store.


Wow! What a challenge! Here’s my map:

Definitely build another location in Doris!


Great challenge! I am from Lexington, KY, so I am very familiar with a lot of these areas! I had never used spatial tools in Alteryx before completing this challenge, so there was definitely a steep learning curve for me. The Alteryx Community had a lot of great insights, and your video solution was very helpful! I agree with @klayton; another store should be built in Paris.



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