8|PYTHON – Loyal Incentive

BYU Student Author: @Boston, @Carter_Lee
Reviewers: @DylanKing, @Jake_Beckstead, @Christian, @Marco, @Alex_Garrett, @Benjamin_Lau
Estimated Time to Solve: 30 Minutes

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You are working for a company and the CEO has decided to give a “loyalty incentive” to their employees. They decide to have two different rewards based on the amount of time an employee has been with the company. The CEO wants to see employees between five and nine years and those who have been there ten years and beyond.

Assume the date is 1/1/2023 for this challenge.

The CEO has tasked you with finding these employees. They would like to see a report of all employees that fall in the first cutoff of five years and the second cutoff of ten years plus.

  1. Download the CSV file, which contains a list and information of all employees
  2. Create a Python file to code a function:
  • Processes the list and information finding the amount of time each employee has been employed
  • Organized the data and created a new CSV organized by the amount of time employed.

Data Files