188|UIPATH – Space Data Race

BYU Student Author: @James_Gerstner
Reviewers: @Andrew_Wilson, @Jacob_Dutton
Estimated Time to Solve: 40 Minutes

We provide the solution to this challenge using:

  • UiPath

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Congratulations! You have just been hired as an associate with the United States Space Force (USSF). You now work on a team where the team lead reports to the White House, so everyone needs to be precise and efficient. One of your selling points was your expansive tech experience, especially with Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Often, when your team lead gives presentations to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, they like to use historical events with their information. This information is stored in an expansive database, which you have access to. You have been tasked with supplying information from this database. The specific data request has been sent to you in a Google Form, like usual. Because you want to be able to provide this data without doing the manual effort every time, you have decided to automate the process. Your program should do the following:

  • Read data from an Excel file into UiPath
  • Enter the requested data from UiPath into the provided Google Form


  1. Download the Excel data file, noting where you save it (for later use)
  2. Open the Google Form and find which data your team lead wants for their presentation
  3. Create a UiPath program that will:
    a. Prompt the user to select the folder where the data is downloaded (see step 1)
    b. Save a path to the file in a string-type variable
    c. Using the path, open the Excel file and read the Excel data tables into UiPath data tables
    d. Open the google form
    e. Using the data tables in UiPath, input the requested information into the Google form

Data Files

Suggestions and Hints
  • In UiPath, start counting from “0,” not “1” when referencing your data tables. For example, if you want the 3rd row, use the number “2” as your index.
    • Here’s an example (this is a sample of what to type into the form for Question 1):

    DT_MilestonesData.Rows(0)(“Launch Date”).ToString

  • If you are having troubles with your selectors, here are a few things to try:
    • Go into UI Explorer and select more specific identifiers for the selector— “css-selector” is a good place to start.
    • Avoid using “Fuzzy Selector” where possible
    • If, after much troubleshooting, you can’t figure out what’s wrong, try deleting your whole “use browser” tool and creating a new one (sometimes it works itself out)
  • To keep your browser open after using it (so you can see the results of your data entry), go to the properties pane and look under Options à Close, then in the dropdown menu select “Never.”


“Time to complete: Less than 10 minutes and was data reading”

Time to complete: 5 minutes
Space Data Race TechHub Challenge (google.com)

Time to complete: 10 min
Rating: Beginner
This was a good start-off challenge!
Space Data Race TechHub Challenge (google.com)

TTC: 10 minutes
Easy Challenge
Space Data Race TechHub Challenge (google.com)

Time to complete: 5 min
Rate: Beginner
This was a good start!
Space Data Race TechHub Challenge (google.com)

Took less than 10 minutes. Easy difficulty.
Link to results: Space Data Race TechHub Challenge (google.com)

Time to complete: <10 min
Rating: Beginner