87|ALTERYX – Password Cracker

This was a fun one!
Passwords_JamesGerstner.yxmd (26.0 KB)
I used some suggestions from students in this thread to come up with other password options (i.e. using names, using ChatGPT to help make a list). Thanks for the challenge!

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I wasn’t sure if we still wanted the plain text of the passwords too, so I used the formula to add them as an additional column, just so I could have both.

Great practice! The first thing I did was hash the most common passwords found on the “Most Common Passwords” Excel file. I completed this by using a formula tool, which took the passwords and converted it into a hashed password. Then, I joined these new hashes with those found in the “Passwords” Excel file, which contained all of the user names and passwords. From there, I filtered out the duplicates to find unique users whose passwords had been cracked as well as the unique passwords cracked.
In the second portion, I took information from the student database and hashed out specific strings that I believed could be a password. Then, like above, I hashed these passwords using the formula tool and joined those hashes with the passwords found in the database.
Blobs.yxmd (14.5 KB)

Challenge87.yxmd (13.9 KB)

I loved this challenge! It is amazing what Alteryx can do. This challenge would’ve been really helpful for me a few weeks ago, but I’m glad I can do it now. It reinforced what I learned during the Hackathon.

Turns out 1113 of the users are using one of the 200 most common passwords. A little concerning.