27|POWERAUTOMATE – Sales Superstars

BYU Student Author: @Spencer
Reviewers: @Jae, @MitchFrei, @Mike_Paulsin
Estimated Time to Solve: 25 Minutes

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Each week, your assignment as an intern is to identify salespeople who exceed the company’s
standard for excellence ($85,000 in sales or more). After spending a few weeks analyzing data and generating reports manually, you’ve decided to try your hand at automating the process. Luckily, your company provides you access to Power Automate! If successful, you will save both yourself and your fellow interns hours of monotonous work.

You must create a power automate workflow that does the following:

  1. Displays an input box that requests the file path location of the “Sales_Superstars” Excel sheet.
  2. Opens up the “Sales_Superstars” Excel sheet using the file path location that was requested in the input box.
  3. Reads the “Employee_Sales” data table located in the “Sales_Superstars” excel sheet.
  4. Closes Excel.
  5. Uses a For Each loop to iterate through every row of the “Employee_Sales” data table that was read in step 3. For every row of data that contains a salesperson who sold over $85,000 worth of goods, add the name of that salesperson to a list.
  6. After iterating through each row of data, display a message that contains the final list of salespeople who surpassed $85,000 in sales.

Data Files


The following is a list of employees with sales over $85,000:
Clyde Meyer, Anthony Byrd, Melinda Foster, Nina Dolan, Cecil Santos, Omar Thornton, Flora Harris

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Solution Video: Challenge 27|POWERAUTOMATE – Sales Superstars

I’ve been practicing Power Automate recently and this was a great challenge for me. I was able to solve it without much problem which means I must be learning something! Thank you for providing me with a good resource for practice. Here’s a snapshot of my ending message box:


I love practicing with Power Automate! I was able to figure it out pretty quick! I did hit a little stumbling block in remembering how to reference the proper column to compare $85,000 to the sales amount, but after testing a few ideas, I found the right kind of reference. Thanks for the challenge!!
Here was my solution: