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There is no prescribed software for this challenge. You can use any image generating and editing software you would like. Links for some possible software apps are listed below.

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A key part of the mission of TechHub.training is to have “A Lot of Fun”. This challenge is designed for you to have fun exploring a new technology. It is quite unique, so there is a unique prize for the three winners.

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Accountants are often stereotyped as boring and uncreative. While these stereotypes might apply to a few accountants, most accountants must be creative, interesting, and engaging to run businesses, attract new clients, and win the trust of others. Accountants flex their creative muscles in everything from designing engaging PowerPoints or helping clients solve difficult problems.

For this challenge, we want you to be creative with a new and exciting technology. We want you to learn about artificial intelligence (AI) and the large learning models like ChatGPT and text-to-image generators like DALL-E. They are having a dramatic impact on business and accounting. By learning of their capabilities, you will be able to find ways to incorporate their power as a professional. For this challenge, you must do the following:

  1. Use an AI text-to-image generator to make the most creative “accounting” image possible. A list of potential generators is included below. Accounting is very broadly defined for this challenge. Get creative with prompt engineering (which is writing good prompts while communicating with an AI).
  2. Reply to this post and upload your image. Also in your post, you should answer the following questions:
    a. What is the “accounting story” of your image and why do you consider it creative?
    b. How do you think AI (in any of its forms) will impact accounting?
    c. What was the prompt you used to generate the image? What program did you use?
  3. Share the link to your post with colleagues and family to get as many votes for your post as possible! Figuring out how to get “likes” can also require creativity.

Please make sure your image is appropriate for all audiences. Unprofessional images will be deleted.

Here’s a simple example made using Microsoft’s image generator:
Prompt: “accountants counting beans in the style of picaso”

Suggestions and Hints

You can use any text-to-image AI generator you want. Here are possible generators to consider (some free and some requiring payment):

We will post the winners here and on the TechHub.training LinkedIn Page when the challenge ends.


“Accounting is like life, everything is balanced.”

AI will make accounting…easier, i guess. I don’t know. Faster? I know very little about accounting. I do know AI, though.

My instructions to the AI: (Midjourney):
A captivating image that depicts the ideal utopia, where everything is in balance.


a) Accountants bolding entering the technological revolution.
b) I think technology will allow us different ways to perform tasks and create new tasks for accountants to perform.
c) I used “An accountant boldly entering the future with the help of technology” on Bing’s Image Creator.


Accounting story: The beautiful thing about accounting is that it must always balance. Debits and credits must balance. Assets must equal liabilities plus equity. It must balance.

AI Impact on accounting: AI can be leveraged to gather/ synthesize information on constantly changing accounting and business legislation and regulation. It well help us better understand the key points of legislation and help us to more efficiently adopt change.

Prompt for AI: " A female accountant balancing debits and credits in the style of Van Gogh."

Software: Microsoft’s image generator



The inspiration for this image actually comes from my favorite Comic: Calvin and Hobbes. Calvin is a boy who always finds a way to make mundane tasks more exciting with his imagination. So I attempted to find an image that reflected the same sillyness. Accounting can be a drull and monotonous job, so it is important to find ways to make it fun. The idea of dinosaurs struggling to do their jobs tickled me, so that is the direction I went.

As with all technology up to this point, AI will replace jobs and create new ones. There will be some accountants that AI will replace, especially those that don’t adapt quickly enough, but the accountants that learn how to use AI to work for them will benefit greatly from it.

I used DALL-E and my prompt was “Dinosaurs accounting but unable to do so becuase of their short arms and long necks in the style of calvin and hobbes”


@klayton, I love the humor! Nice job!

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Ever since I started pursuing accounting I have heard jokes about counting beans. I wanted to capture that same idea alongside a more realistic impression of why accounting is important. I settled on the idea of accounting for and measuring beans as a form of payment for laborers. The idea is that accounting provides the structure for our progress and organization.
OIG (2)
I think AI is going to reduce the more manual aspects of accounting, allowing for accountants to take on more specialized and strategic roles.
I generated this image using Microsoft Image Creator (which, while powered by DALLE 2 was giving me much better images than DALLE 2 was) with the prompt " Create a landscape composed primarily of dried beans. In the foreground, a woman measures beans with a set of golden scales. The beans being measured are paid to laborers working the beans. Digital Art"

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I like to joke with my wife that she has to be the creative one because “creative accountants” go to prison! I gave DALL-E the prompt, “a sad accountant in prison cooking the books” to generate this image. While there are many rules and regulation that accountants must follow, there is plenty of room to be creative as has been mentioned in other posts. I think that AI will help some of the more technical accounting concepts become more accurately applied. Firms often have reference guides to help their staff with challenging concepts. However, providing the facts of the problem to an AI could allow the AI to inform the staff how to properly account for the problem.

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a) The story behind my image is the feeling of the stereotypical feeling that the general public whenever they have to do their taxes or accounting for their business. I think often times people over estimate accounting and taxes and have built-up anxiety around accounting and especially doing their taxes and has given the industry a bad stereotype as being overly complicated or hard. I think accounting is for everyone and that each person has potential to succeed in it and nobody should be scared of it.

b) I think AI’s impact on accounting will realistically be underwhelming. I think a lot of the innovation with AI technology used in accounting will be behind the scenes. I can see AI’s being used for more accurate and efficient sampling and fraud detection in the audit world. I can see AI being used to generate simple tax plans for individuals in the tax world. But all in all I don’t see AI having as much of an awe-generating impact on the accounting world like it has on the art world like DALL-E.

c) I used Microsoft’s image generator powered by DALL-E and my prompt was “a stressed man doing his taxes in the style of keith harring”.



This accounting story is inspired by Excel, Access, and SAP. These are the software programs that I learned the most about during my time in Systems class. Therefore these topics inspired me to create this AI story. As the world is ever changing and advancing in technology, I believe that AI will change the daily roles of all jobs but especially the accounting profession. To generate this image I used Microsoft image generator.

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a) I choose this image because currently in class we have been learning about the statement of cash flows and I find that it has been on my mind a lot.
b) It will impact accounting because it will help to make the industry more efficient and allows accountants to spend less time doing the tasks that take up so much time.
c) I used the microsoft image generator to create this image.

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a.) This accounting story is of how an accountant holds the power of technology along with human intelligence. I consider this creative because of the powerful imagery of the power the accountant is holding
b.) I think AI will impact accounting by advancing the technology accountants use everyday.
c.) I used “accountant holding the power of technology and human intelligence” as my prompt.


A)This a image of how technology is continually changing and how AI will alter how we perform accounting in the future
B) AI will automate accounting processes reducing the amount of time it takes for accountants to perform tasks
C) I used “technology in accounting” on Microsoft’s image generator

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a.) The story of my image is a colorful take on traditional books and ledgers. I like to think that with a little bit of color and a more childlike mindset a workplace can be more enjoyable.
b.) I think that it will be beneficial in making work more efficient.
c.) I typed “colorful book pages with columns very organized with numbers resembling a ledger” into microsoft bing image creator.

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This image represents a strong woman in the accounting industry. I consider it creative because of the psychedelic and Andy Warhol influences represented.

I think that AI will create efficiencies for the accounting profession.

“boss accounting woman in psychedelic and andy warhol” using Microsoft Bing image creator.

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a) The story behind my image is that of a common past-time that many accountants use to unwind and escape to after a long week of work, which is golf. This past time is also a great way to connect with clients and fellow accountants.

b) I think AI’s impact on accounting will continue to grow as time goes on and systems advance. I don’t think humans will ever be replaced in these roles though.

c) I used shuitterstock as my AI generator.


Screen Shot 2023-05-03 at 9.58.03 AM

The story behind this image is students studying for their accounting final exam while it is bright and sunny outside and summer break awaits. I think AI will impact accounting because it will certainly provide a lot of assistance and make many jobs easier, but I think there is still a need for humans in many areas. The image I created relates to my current situation right now, and I used Microsoft’s image generator to create it.


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A. The story of my image is about an accountant that is stressed out during busy season.
B. AI will help make accountant’s life easier and less stressful
C. “Stressed Out Accountant” using Microsoft Image Generator

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A) This is the story of people doing the job of accounting but in fun orange shades.
B) I do think AI will impact accounting will impact accounting many different ways such as completing certain tasks that as of now accountants have to do.
C) I like orange and I used the Microsoft image generator software.

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CA 23

a. The accounting story of my image is how automation has changed manual data entry. Simple, routine processes are being run by AI now instead of having to waste hours of employees entering manual data. It saves time and doesn’t make employees bored spending thousands of hours entering data into excel.

b. AI impacts the routine processes of accounting. AI’s ability to generate, normalize, and compile data saves firms tons of hours that they can spend analyzing the data. AI’s role in firms right now is continuously growing and will eventually expand even more beyond routine process. For example, some firms are using general ledger mapping bots that are helping with tax returns.

c. I used “Ai and manual data entry” to generate the image and usde Microsoft’s image generator.

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